Call to Monash Researchers - Network of Excellence Scheme

October 2018 

An interdisciplinary team has been successful in winning $175,000 through Monash’s Network of Excellence grant scheme. Associate Professor Robert Bryson-Richardson, from the School of Biological Sciences, led the successful application along with Ian Smyth, Moira O’Bryan, Ben Kile, and Brent Neumann.

The funds will be used to establish a partnership with The Rare Diseases: Models and Mechanisms (RDMM) Network in Canada and Monash researchers to aid in the identification and analysis of novel rare disease genes. The RDMM Network was established in 2014 and has provided grants that have funded 77 connections between clinicians and model organism investigators, many of which have led to the creation of new knowledge and original publications.

Through the Monash Network of Excellence grant scheme, six collaborative research projects will be supported between Monash researchers and Canadian clinicians. Connections will be facilitated through the Australia Functional Genomics Network Registry. Monash researchers are encouraged to register and indicate their gene/pathway/cellular system areas of interest and expertise. Registrants should nominate gene or gene families/pathways that are the direct and current interest of the team and identify the experimental models they use and indicate the tissue type/organ systems of expertise. The registry allows the best-matched Monash researchers to undertake the research on the candidate disease gene/variant of interest.

Associate Professor Bryson-Richardson acknowledges the importance of funding these collaborations as “Confirmation of novel disease genes has an immediate translational benefit informing diagnosis and testing”.

For further information on how to obtain one of the six catalyst grants now available, contact Associate Professor Bryson-Richardson:



Rare Diseases: Models and Mechanisms (RDMM) Network, Canada