Over 1600 Genes now in the Australian Functional Genomics Registry

Oct 2018

Since our launch in June, we have received tremendous support and had over 150 lab groups register in the Australian Functional Genomics Network database. This equates to over 1,600 genes listed over 8 model systems. Model systems include e.coli, yeast, roundworm, fruit fly, zebrafish, mouse, rat, and human.

The Registry is a database of model system teams in Australia. It captures profiles of scientific investigators who have nominated their area of interest and expertise by gene/pathway/cellular system. The registry can be queried when a variant of unknown significance is identified and the best-matched model system team(s) can be invited to undertake research on the candidate disease gene/variant of interest. Researchers are able to access the registry at any time to edit and update their information. 

With profiles from scientists located in VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, ACT and WA and collectively represent over 29 universities and institutes we are quickly building a national consortium of expert researchers with whom clinicians can connect with, resulting in faster translation of new findings.