Register Your Lab and Join the Network

June 2018

Researchers are being urged to join a new registry to enable the rapid translation of genomic medicine findings.

The Registry is part of the recently launched Australian Functional Genomics Network which is building the research infrastructure connecting the genomic clinic and the research laboratory, to facilitate the functional interpretation of variant of unknown significance (VUS).

Researchers are encouraged to register and indicate their gene/pathway/cellular system areas of interest and expertise. Newly identified VUSs will be matched to Australian Model System teams within the registry and successful connections will be eligible for the award of “rapid response” seed grants to support immediate functional experiment relevant to a gene of interest. Connections will enable collaborative research between clinical and scientific teams to solve these medical problems, gain new insight into disease mechanisms, and develop innovative precision medicine strategies. Ultimately leading to faster translation of new knowledge and the implementation of discoveries into clinical practice to benefit patients.

Currentlywe are building the national consortium of Australian researchers and encouraging lab heads to register their details in the Australian Functional Genomics Registry.

To learn more about the importance of the Network and how it works please visit: