Steering Committee Announced

August 2018

We are pleased to announce the appointment of the Steering Committee. The Australian Genomics National Steering appointed the expert advisory committee which will be led by Co-Chairs Professor Andrew Sinclair and Professor Sally Dunwoodie. The 11-member Steering Committee brings together experts from around Australian including both researchers and clinicians. The Steering Committee will develop the operational plan and will be responsible for the overall coordination, accountability and administration of the Network.


The members of the Steering Committee are:

Prof. Andrew Sinclair, Co-Chair

Prof. Sally Dunwoodie, Co-Chair

Prof. Ian Alexander

A/Prof. Robert Bryson-Richardson

Prof. Nigel Laing

Dr. Kelly Smith

Prof. Ian Smyth

Dr. Zornitza Stark

Prof. Patrick Tam

The committee represents the national membership of the network and was selected based on their scientific and/or clinical expertise in clinical variant discovery or functional analysis of clinical variants.

In October the steering committee will convene for their first meeting.