The Australian Functional Genomics Network will expedite the “match-making” of clinicians, diagnostic labs and researchers through the use of the Australian Functional Genomics Registry, a database of model system teams in Australian.

Network Connection Map

  • Newly discovered disease gene/variant will be submitted by the clinical team to the Review Panel.
  • The Review Panel will identify the model system research team(s) in the registry that has the expertise and knowledge in the disease gene/variant of interest, and invite the team(s) to connect with each other to develop a collaboration.
  • When the Network is advised of a successful connection, the combined team will be invited to apply for support of a catalyst grant. The application will be prioritized for review and successful funding will follow to undertake the collaborative functional genomics investigation.



This model is based on the successful Canadian RDMM network, who have shared their workflows and informatics infrastructure with the Australian Functional Genomics Team. RDMM-Canada are also in discussions with other international teams in the EU (Solve-RD) and Japan (IRUD) in the hope to develop the processes that will support searches of nation gene-scientist registries in order to make international connections, thus greatly expanding the potential of clinical gene discoveries.