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Australian investigators are encouraged to register and indicate their gene/pathway/cellular system areas of interest and expertise. Registration indicates an interest in collaborating with clinical teams presenting patients with rare diseases. Registrants should nominate gene or gene families/pathways that are the direct and current interest of the team and identify the experimental models they use and indicate the tissue type/organ systems of expertise.

The registry database allows the Scientific Review Committee to elect the best-matched model system team(s) to undertake the research on the candidate disease gene/variant of interest. The intention is to identify a model system team(s) that have a track record of research in the functional studies of the specific disease gene (or orthologue) and, ideally, is poised to launch functional analyses in an immediate timeframe. The registrant(s) will be invited to form a connection with the clinical team and, when appropriate, apply for funding support of the collaborative research by the Network Catalyst Grant or other leveraged resources.