Welcome to Australian Functional Genomics. We are a network of clinicians, diagnostic labs, and researchers investigating pathogenic mechanisms of genes and variants identified in patients with rare diseases and cancer.

To register your interest in enrolling in the Australian Functional Genomics database, click here.

The goals of functional genomics are to understand the genetic cause and cellular mechanisms of diseases or disorders, improve diagnostic tests, and investigate potential therapeutic targets.

You may want to register your interest in the Australian Functional Genomics network if you are:

  • An Australian clinician, researcher, or diagnostic lab discovering variants or candidate novel disease genes of unknown significance (VUS/GUS) in patients and you want to connect with a researcher who can investigate the functions of those genes and/or the functional consequences of the gene variants.
  • An Australian functional genomics researcher who uses model organisms, cell culture, in silico tools, or other research modalities to investigate gene function, cellular processes, molecular networks, or tissue development and function and you want to help research the pathogenic mechanisms of identified VUS/GUS.

The Australian Functional Genomics database is in development and will be launched in late 2017. Register your interest today so that we can contact you when the database is open and ready for full registration.

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